Powerlifting at Badger Fitness

Whether you’re a seasoned powerlifter or just starting your journey into strength training, Badger Fitness is designed to unleash your full potential. With a top-notch powerlifting equipment, expert guidance, and a supportive community you’re sure to crush your strength goals.

Best Powerlifting Gym In Madison, WI

Join us at Badger Fitness and never wait for a squat rack again (we have 8). With the best powerlifting equipment, come see why we’re the ultimate choice for powerlifting in the Madison area. Interested in powerlifting coaching? Shoot Tony an email at [email protected].

Deadlifting on Platform
Tony Squat
Ann Deadlifting at WABDL
Deadlift Platform
Katie Deadlift
Bench Machine
Squatting at Badger Fitness

Maximize Your Strength Gains at Badger Fitness, Madison WI

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