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Introducing Pure Choice Farms

After Tony’s Grandfather migrated from Switzerland to Wisconsin in 1954 to make cheese he enjoyed growing up in his parent’s cheese factory in Browntown, Wisconsin. Tony regularly drank raw liquid whey, the byproduct of cheese before the family cheese factory ever started dehydrating it into powder form. With a passion for fitness and high quality nutrition, Tony opened Pure Choice Farms to carry on his families agricultural legacy. Now Pure Choice Farms is proud to connect people to local farms for the highest quality, fresh Whey protein powder and powerful nutritious plant blends. Pure Choice Farms Whey Protein and Micronutrient Powders are available to purchase during staffed hours of Badger Fitness, at the purechoicefarms.com or on Amazon.

Wisconsin Whey Protein and Fresh Micronutrient Powders

We cut out every possible middleman in order to connect you directly to the local farms for whey protein isolate and micronutrient powders. Stock up at Badger Fitness or order online!

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Whey Protein Isolate

The Highest quality cold-filtered whey with minimal ingredients sourced from local farms. Easy to digest and virtually lactose free.

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Micronutrient Powders

No fillers, tricky secret blends, or magical formula. Say goodbye to synthetic pills and embrace the natural way to obtain your micronutrients.

Pure Choice Farms Merch

Farm Merch

Grab your Pure Choice Farms Swag, from sweatshirts and tanks to charcuterie boards or protein shakers.


What Our Customers Say

You don’t just have to trust us, here’s what some Pure Choice Farms customers have said lately.

Honestly the best protein I have ever had. I have tried vanilla, Chocolate, and peanut butter. They are all subtle flavors with no gross after taste. I have a very sensitive stomach to dairy and lactose. This protein doesn’t give me bubbly guts, bad poop, or bad farts! – Pamela

Pure choice has been THE BEST protein I’ve used in my 35+ years in sports and bodybuilding. I use the unflavored powder so I can add it to anything I eat, whenever I need a protein boost. I also like that it’s got nothing else in it except whey protein. Highest protein ratio per serving out of any other brand I’ve come across. It also mixes so easy, with just a simple few shakes in a bottle. – Bob

I wanted a protein that I feel good about taking. That has minimal ingredients. This protein is it. I tried the chocolate flavor and love it. It doesn’t have that over sweet taste. I also like that fact when I buy this product l support local farmers. I will definitely get this product again. – Robert

Frequently Asked Questions

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